Joe Rogan Experience

“It's truly an amazing piece of work all about the history of Egypt and the immense complexity of the structures that are built there. The appreciation this guy ( John Anthony West) had for what the Egyptians did was off the charts. He was so deeply engaged with it. The passion, knowledge and curiosity that he had would come through in these DVD’s and you would be holding your face watching them and going “OMG these are amazing!” Joe Rogan

Coast to Coast

“I found Magical own little secret...The series, staring John Anthony West changed me. The information was so strong..that I actually thought, and I am not joking about this, that the series should be banned. I felt like I was holding something that would incinerate after viewing, like you would watch it and some men in black history guys would show up at my door and arrest me...I’m not kidding it was that good.” Jimmy Church

Collective Evolution

“A wonderful and much needed respite from conventional programming taking us to the depths of programming itself - exploring consciousness as a scientific/artistic manifestation from entirely different perspectives.” Tom Brunzel