The Fanatics Pack & Special Gifts


The Fanatics Pack & Special Gifts

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Get The Original Series and pre order your new series through our Self Starter Campaign and receive amazing FREE GIFTS! That's right your get over $800 of value for just $400.

1) Magical Egypt Dialogues...
Join us for 12 months for a historical series of live dialogs featuring M.E. contributors, including guests Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Lon Milo DuQuette, Laird Scranton, Neil Kramer, Max Igan, and M.E. host John Anthony West and many more.  Excepts from these events will be included in upcoming M.E. episodes.  A $240 Value FREE! 
Be there when it happens, live! 

Do you have a question you’d like to ask? Have you made a discovery of your own that you want to share? Want to know where Magical Egypt is going next? Then these dialogs are for you.  Join us for an intimate evening of discussion, discovery and confronting new ideas.

2) Receive a Free Membership to the Magical Egypt Society
MES is a virtual initiatory temple: an online community & multi media hub, featuring Magical Egypt TV, Blogs from the producers, live forums where you can interact with the cast and creators, watch and even participate in the production of new episodes! Featuring Members Only Exclusive Video Library of over 1000 videos which will include full interviews from the original and new Magical Egypt series and much more. A $50 Value Free!

3) Choose a Magical Egypt T-Shirt!

The new series will contain six episodes. Delivery is expected June 2015. The other gifts will be delivered immediately. A $55 Value Free! 

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