A Magical eGYPT dedication

Like many of us, you come to a certain age and wonder..."what will I leave behind?  How will I be remembered? What good did I leave this world?" It can be a confronting series of questions, since most of us has spent our lives building a business and providing for the ones we love. There has been no time for such thoughts.

I bring this up because after working at the very top of his field, with a direct line to Rupert Murdoch, Chance Gardner had the very same thoughts. To make it worse for Chance, FOX had recently turned from a network full of light but compelling entertainment into a distribution network for mind control and manipulation. Even his beloved Simpsons seemed to be espousing un-human agendas.

At that time he had to make a hard choice. Did he continue with the fat paychecks and life of luxury he had grown uccustomed too as "one of the top guys" at FOX, or should he listen to that tiny voice inside his head that said..."you can do better than this."

Well he listened...and Magical Egypt was the result. Magical Egypt brought him no riches, in fact it could be argued it ruined him finacially, but what it did do was amazing!

The show did not do much for Chance,  but for all the millions of people who viewed it, it provided validation that their cognitive dissonacne about the "story" of Ancient Egypt was in fact founded. That their desire for an alternate view of our history, one that may seem out of this world to most, was sasiated. It put people like Rick Strassman and the story of DMT on the map. It introduced Laird Scranton, perhaps the new Champollion of our time to our consciousness. It propelled John and Robert Bauval again into visibilty so they they could continue telling their stories.

From Google Trends.


All one has to go is look at Google searches (above) to see the impact that Magical Egypt had on the planet.....and that was only Chance's first go!

This time around things are different. Chance does not have the fat FOX money to fund himself. But what he does have is 15 more years of research. 15 more years of honing his skills as an animator and a story teller, 15 more years that it took to solve what might be the greatest mystery known to man. A story so important that the Ancient Egyptians went to painstaking length to preserve it through the ages. A story that has been shrouded in symbolism, distorted through interpration, and deliberately hidden by the powers that be.

It is a story that could genuinely shift humanity to a magnificent trajectory if only enough could hear. It is a story that shifts one from the bounds of materialism to the endless experience of our true nature.

In these upcoming episodes we solve the Great Mystery Of the Sphinx....

The Riddle of The Sphinx is ...

"Who does death serve?
...When you solve the riddle of the sphinx,
you solve the riddle of yourself.
And you become the answer to the riddle!"


Be aware that we can not go traditional media for our funding, the topics we cover and the instructing we will give are not those that the power that be will want us to reveal. 

Be warned that this information could potentially create a shift in consciousness that could reverse the destructive behaviors we are all witness to today.

But at the end of the day, if you wish to leave a mark, if you believe the Ancients had wisdom that could be more valuable to us that we even could begin to realize, if you wish to help those renegade researchers get their message out to the masses, then perhaps the Legacy Program is for you.

The program includes an episode of Magical Egypt 2 being dedicated to you, and a percentage of profits donated to a charity of your choice.

Please contact Vanese if you are interested in learning about the additional perks involved with this level of engagement of this project, or please visit the Producer Level Investments.

You can reach her on her direct email at vanese@mac.com.