Take The Magical Egypt "Hidden Door" Challenge!

To help raise publicity for our Magical Egypt Crowd-funding Initiative ( and to help reshape  views on reality), we are launching a historic event called "The Hidden Door" Challenge.

At it's core it is online performance art that draws attention to the higher states of consciousness that we experience, although perhaps not as often as we'd like. Have you had a moment of unusual insight or intuition, an other worldly communication, a shining epiphany, an out of body experience, a tantric gnosis, a shamanic or entheogenic journey or mystic vision that changed your outlook or changed the course of your life? These are moments when you've walked through the door, out of regular day-to-day consciousness and into a rarer place. Did you bring anything back with you?

Well we would like to challenge you to contribute a story from your own life about  a time when you've gone through the door in your head to someplace better, or higher, or weirder. To accept the challenge simply record a video of yourself telling the story, or write a short story and post it to your Facebook Page. We would really appreciate it if you would also paste it to the "Hidden Door Challenge" Facebook page too!.

As these stories accumulate, they will become not only a strange and beautiful meme garden, but a testament to the human genius, and the artistic, scientific, interpersonal and transpersonal potential that all too often lies dormant, but is waiting for each of us, just beyond the door.

If you your would prefer to just donate to our Crowd Funding Initiative to help  fund the production of new episodes of Magical Egypt, you can do so above.

The "Hidden Door" Challenge Steps

  • STEP ONE: Accept the Challenge
  • STEP TWO: Make a short video of yourself, or write a brief account of you experience with a higher state of consciousness.
  • STEP THREE: Post the video to your Facebook Page. ( And ours...
  • STEP FOUR: Challenge two or more friends
  • STEP FIVE: Donate to our Crowd Funding Campaign and be part of the production of the new Magical Egypt Series.