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Joe Rogan

I had a fantastic time talking to Egyptologist John Anthony West today. His DVD series "Magical Egypt" is one of my all time favorite documentaries and if you're a fan of ancient civilizations it's a real mind blower. I can't recommend it enough.


Graham Hancock

John Anthony West has taught me more about ancient Egypt than any other investigator of the mysteries. His knowledge of this amazing realm is extraordinary and his insights into the true meaning of its esoteric symbolism and into its vast antiquity are mind-expanding and life changing.

Regina Chante

 Truly one of my best investments and gifts to myself. The series transported me into ancient Egypt like a true time traveler.

Ben Joshua Ruggles

One of the best and most compelling series on ancient Egypt I've ever seen! Can't wait for season two.

Tim Huffman

Thanks JAW you are the man Your Knowledge is SACRED and for turning me on to R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz and his Book SACRED SCIENCE so much makes sense NOW... 1