MAAT Executive Producer Credit


MAAT Executive Producer Credit


If you are interested in this level of support please contact MAGICALEGYPT@MAIL.COM


Become a Producer of Magical Egypt 2 and enjoy the all the perks of being a Magical Egypt Execuitive Producer Producer,  including:


  • An Episode of Magical Egypt being Dedicated to you.
  • A full Producer credit on both the show and website.
  • A Special Video Segment in the show thanking you
  • A full page ad in Atlantis Rising Magazine thanking you.
  • An intimate dinner with John Anthony West In New York.
  • Exclusive Access to The Magical Egypt Team
  • An invitation to all of the first red carpet screenings,
  • An invitation to exclusive evening with the director/crew and special guests,
  • A VIP Subscription to the Magical Egypt Dialogues,
  • A membership to the Magical Egypt Society,
  • A Signed copy of the new Series,
  • A one of a kind Magical Egypt Producer T-Shirt,
  • as well as a  personal thank you pack!
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