Dialogue with Neil Kramer


Dialogue with Neil Kramer


Neil Kramer in an important voice in modern esoteric thinking and we are
pleased to include him in the new series of Magical Egypt. Our Dialogue
will focus on one of the central themes of the show - examining a subtle
sort of intellectual aparthied, where the forces and powers of vested
interests, be they political, financial or psycho-spiritual, are
presenting an artificial or skewed picture of our past, our present
reality and possible future. In so doing, they are obscuring important
pieces in the puzzle of who we are - literally witholding our identity
from us, and in so doing, disempowering us in a pivotal way.

By presenting an incorrect picture of humanity's distant past, attention
is diverted and the connection is lost to something important. A
roadmap, a secret, sacred tradition, a series of operations that allowed
us to access non-standard senses and abilities, like intuition,
inspiration, moments of creative genius, and untold other unsuspected,
latent or untapped areas of human potential.

We will discuss the "prepackaged, corporate-approved consensus reality"
presented to us by traditional media, orthodox academia, and materialist
science. And how to see through it to what is really there. And to
what we really are.

The things we watch, the things that go into our heads are truly the
building blocks of the psyche, so in this context, doesnt it seem
criminally mad and negligent in the worst possible way to leave the
building of our psyche, our mind, our solar boat, to anyone else, much
less people with an obvious interest in disempowering and ruling you
through keeping you in a cage of ignorance.

If we are not fooled by misdirection and are open to the idea of
deliberate obfuscation of important truths for WHATEVER reason, then we
are immediately presented with an opportunity to take the reigns of our
self-guided study and to steer it in the direction WE choose. To launch
our own investigation into the central mystery of the universe and walk
down the timeless path that leads to the opportunity to pull the sword
from the stone. The path that the best of humanity has walked down
before us.

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