Dialogue with Lon MIlo DuQuette


Dialogue with Lon MIlo DuQuette


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Lon Milo DuQuette is a prolific author and leading authority on western
magickal and kabbalistic tradition. We will be speaking with Lon about
the continuation of the ancient esoteric pursuits as they are expressed
in the various fraternal and secret societies that have proliferated in
the west. Some quite prominently, some less so.

The ancient model of the universe, and the basic operating assumptions
of the modern hermetic/magickal thinker requires a bit of adjustment,
because it is decidedly at odds with what 20th century science has told
us - that consciousness, whatever it is, is located in our heads and
confined there. If one can make the shift to a very different premise,
that the basic "fabric" or "stuff" or "property" or "identity" of the
universe is consciousness, then one can begin to access the ancient
traditions and the modern applications of some very unusual abilities
that we were all born with. Albeit ones that very very few of have
learned to work with. These abilities allow our individual consciousness
to interact with the living, conscious universe around us to create some
very interesting effects.

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