Dialogue with Laird Scanton


Dialogue with Laird Scanton


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Laird is one of those rogue planets that comes in from a direction that
no one was expecting and who's effect forever changes the order that was
there before him. Although he is in no way associated with academic,
orthodox Egyptology, Laird has made a series of discoveries that have
revivified the somewhat stagnant pursuit of a sensible translation of
the Egyptian hieroglyphs and symbols. Opening a previously unsuspected
door that allows an entire field of scientific inquiry to move forward
after centuries of what seemed like a hopeless stalemate. At once
providing a form of validation to the alternative camp by demonstrating
a rigorous scientific underpinning to the symbolism, and at the same
time creating an explosive new ingress of research into the contentious
subject of "anomalous ancient scientific understanding".

In short, Laird shows that the Egyptian hieroglyphic language can be
read in another way. And when read correctly, decodes clearly and
decisively to reveal the hallmark "unexplainable sophistication" that
we've come to expect from the rest of this accomplished culture. It is
a scientific language that archives and expresses the fundamental laws
and principles of physics, cosmology and biology. And from all
appearances, as technically correct and as sophisticated as our most
current models from modern science. In some sense, even more so,
because the very symbols used to convey the threefold scientific
narrative of physics, cosmology and biology draw attention to the fact
that the same patterns and primal forces are at the root of all three.
It is a language that teaches as it transmits data.

The ancient Egyptian scientific / technical language uses an ingenious
method of embedding the explanation of the term into the word for the
term. Into the letters of the word. In a symbol-driven or hieroglyphic
language like we see in AE, each glyph, or what we think of as a
"letter" in the word, is itself a symbol that represents a word. So for
instance, to use one of Laird's examples, the hieroglyphic characters
that make up the word "year", individually create the sentence "(period
of time) (earth) (one cycle around) (the sun)". The word for year
explains the scientific underpinning, the word year explains what a year
is. A year is the time it takes for the earth to make one revolution
around the sun.

Although it remains a mystery HOW they came to these understandings, it
seems clear that they not only possessed a cosmology and level of
scientific and physical knowledge every bit as sophisticated as the
modern day, but also a brilliant ability to express the most subtle and
profound aspects of physics, cosmology and biology in symbol systems
perfectly suited for maximum human absorption.

Laird, asserts in his book "Science of the Dogon", that sacred symbols
are themselves an ingenious bit of technology that serve to "civilize"
or "uplift" a culture or an individual, through the organizing and
optimizing of the mind, providing a framework and structure that incline
one to self sufficiency and ever higher forms of organization and
intellect. He demonstrates that these "civilizing principles" are
visible in such far flung cultures of the Dogon tribe in Mali, who are
quite clear in their assertion that the symbols and knowledge came to
them from advanced beings from the Sirius trinary star system.

When comparing the scientific symbolism of the Dogon to the scientific
language he had discovered in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Laird demonstrates a
continuation of specific symbols that relate to specific scientific
principles in many ancient cultures. How far and wide did this
"anomalous scientific understanding" reach in the ancient world, and
where did the knowledge come from in the first place?

Join us for a fascinating and important evening of dialogue on the
radical new picture of our past that is coming ever sharper into focus.

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