Dialogue with John Anthony West


Dialogue with John Anthony West



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This is your chance to interact with the creators of Magical Egypt!

Join the creators of the Magical Egypt series for an evening of discussion entitled "Magical Egypt: 15 years later". This historical evening will mark a number of significant events, including the long-awaited reunion of West and Gardner as they discuss the original series and begin collaboration on the new series. 

These dialogs will be used to determine the narrative structure and topics of the new series, and your participation is encouraged. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and let us know what subjects you would like to see in the new episodes, and to bring to light any new topics or recent discoveries for consideration. 

We will begin with an acknowledgement and review of the profound body of work and enormous lifetime achievements of John Anthony West, who's immeasurable contributions not only to the previously rather stoic and closed arena of Egyptology, but to the pursuits of esotericists, hermeticists, alchemists, and spiritual seekers the world over deserve recognition and no small bit of thanks. Next, a recap of the events that lead to the original production of Magical Egypt, the subsequent impact and bizarre life of the show and the unexpected path that both of our lives have taken as a result. We will also be discussing developments and discoveries that have occurred since the first series that are shedding light on new avenues of exploration and participation in the ancient mindset.

Our goal for the new series of Magical Egypt is to feature more actionable, applicable information. Rather than the standard theoretical, academic approach, it is our goal to feature information that viewers can put to practical use in their own lives, in their own participation in the ancient mindset and in their own investigation of the central mystery of the universe - consciousness. Both as it exists
in its "off the rack" state, and as it can be when one applies the ancient science of self-directed evolution to the "building of the solar boat". 

We will look at the entirety of ancient Egypt as an instruction manual, encoded in symbolism, that is as applicable today as it ever has been. We will also discuss the streams, paths and forms that the ancient esoteric pursuits have taken in the centuries between the ancient world and the modern. In particular, we will be discussing the symbolism in which the ancient sacred science is encoded. The symbol systems seen in Alchemy, the Tarot, the Kabballah, the Masonic and Rosicrucian allegories, although differing superficially, are in reality all very closely associated schematics of the same endeavor - understanding and perfecting, or "completing" the psyche to waken dormant areas of the brain and access planes of consciousness and ability not even suspected by most. 

A discussion with JAW is a bit like a visit to the Smithsonian Institute. There is so much there that it is easy to get caught up in the amazing stuff in the first room and not even realize that the REALLY amazing stuff lie waiting in warehouses, echoing halls and unmarked rooms off the beaten path. One of the things that made Magical Egypt so engaging is the way it weaves together a story from the "rooms less traveled", and acts as a sort of "sherpa in the maze" to guide experienced researchers to the considerable vault of fascinating information and insight that West can bring to bear on subjects outside of ancient Egypt. One of our favorite topic of discussion with JAW is one of the streams of esoteric discipline that we can access in themodern age, the work of G. I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspenski.



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