Dialogue with Graham Hancock


Dialogue with Graham Hancock


Graham Hancock is one of the leading voices in what might be called "the new counterculture" - a radical new direction of inquiry into our models of human history. One that questions some of the most basic assumptions about where we come from, and who we really are.

Graham has played an inestimable role in calling attention to the myriad examples of "lost chapters of human history" that are overlooked or outright denied by orthodox academia.


Our dialogue will begin with the topic: What have we lost by being disconnected to our ancient heritage? Is there some important part of human destiny, some important information about what we are really here for, what we are really supposed to be doing to get the most out of these mysterious machines that we all walk around in, yet no one seems to know everything it does, or why it does ANYTHING that it does.

A fundamental difference between the ancient mindset and the modern social machine is one of orientation - our modern world is decidedly built to reinforce extroversion, whereas the ancient focus was on the construction of the inner world, building, accessing, bringing online special operational centers that allowed greater connectedness and access to higher senses and abilities.

Continuing with the theme of ancient instructional manuals for accessing higher states of consciousness, we will discussa theme of central importance to writers, artists and communicators of all stripes. The Muse, The Zone, that special state of consciousness where genius, epiphany and unexpected novelty comes from. The ancient sacred sciences served as a school for those who wished to build, or bring online, the ability to access special, rareified states of consciousness, connectedness, creativity,
and unique genius. Allowing the artist or adept the opportunity to "bring down the fire of the gods for the benefit of mankind".

We will discuss ancient accounts of Hellenistic veneration of the personal connection to the Logos, Plato's fascination with the logos, and modern day shamanic techniques to access higher frequencies and perhaps even universal intelligences. Could these strange experiences be modern-day iterations of the ancient practice of accessing higher states and frequencies of consciousness, both in us and around us?

Are we being re-introduced to the logos, and what will it say when it starts speaking to us?

This riveting and mind bending conversation is a must for all authors, creatives, communicators and students of the mysteries of consciousness
and untapped human potential.

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