Would you be surprised to know that every day for as long as I can remember I have asked upon Chance awakening....."IS IT FINISHED YET?????"  

To which he responds...." I think it will be today"

I guess that is a clear sign of insanity, but I think this kind of project requires a great deal of insanity to undertake (on both out parts to be honest) and so I do what I can to help and go to sleep hoping that tomorrow will be the day : )

The truth is it is just so much for one man to be doing all the writing, shooting, editing, all the animation, all the composing and all the scoring!

He makes one change and the whole thing cascades and it is a nightmare.

I do not know how he does it. : ) It is not like a studio full of people is helping him : (

The bottom line is he is trying to make it really good…and he really is close.

And do no, today is not the day....but i feel we are close now...

And I just wish to thank all of you who have been waiting so patiently : )