In addition to the content Magical Egypt explores, the series itself is somewhat of an enigma. Some have called in “no ordinary documentary” and in many ways that is true. Next year the first Magical Egypt Series will be 20 years old. It is filmed in standard def, (handheld footage to boot!).  It’s leading researcher has passed away, it is very expensive at $129 for the 8 part series and yet it continues to be the gold standard in films about Ancient Egypt.

Much of the credit for the longevity of the series goes to John Anthony West, the maverick egyptologist who eliminated for many the cognitive dissonance surrounding ancient Egypt. Finally ancient Egypt began to make sense. Both series, there is now a second season, are also compelling because they dive deep. You will not find a one liner by experts in Magical Egypt. Instead academics and authors are allowed the time to fully explain complicated ideas about ancient Egypt, alchemy, magic, hermeticism, the tantric arts, and consciousness itself. These series are not for the faint of heart, yet they have garnered high praise.

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Credit must also go to Chance Gardner who brought together voices like Gary Osborn, Brad Klausen, Ricard Cassaro, Rick Strassman, Lon Milo DuQuette, Robert Bauval, Aaron Cheak Phd, Mantak Chia, as well as many other authors and academics, along with his own voice to build upon the ideas propagated by West. Gardner also wrote, shot, edited and animated the series himself.

It can be tough producing an esoteric series out of a bedroom in a small town in eastern Australia, especially when your mentor is gone but for Gardner there are days when it is all worth while. Yesterday was one of them. Magical Egypt was made an official selection for the First Hermetic Film Festival in Venice in 2020. Gardner wishes to thank all the participants in the show who have helped tell a such a captivating story, as well as the Kickstarter Producers, Kickstarters, and everyone who has invested in the show.


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