The Magical Egypt research team discovered a number of points of divergence between the orthodox views of mainstream egyptology, and evidence expressed by the art and architecture that are still visible in the ruins of this ancient and deeply enigmatic culture.

One of them was a hidden message that speaks in a language familiar to artists and esotericists. A language that is capable of transmitting a bewildering variety of highly technical schematics and symbols. And what is the message it transmits?

It is a message that the entirety of Egyptian culture was in the service of expressing. Of radiating. But always in a curiously veiled way. The message was a visual transmission of the central secret of human existence. A secret, sacred science, simultaneously hidden and radiated by the temples, reliefs and statuary.

The science is equivalent in sophistication and sheer anomaly to the pyramids. It is self-verifying in many ways. Where this becomes interesting is when the ancient science is compared to modern science.

While there is a great deal of similarity in the organization, categorisation and logical codification of the both sciences, there is a subtle, but perhaps all important difference in the focus of the two. The ancient science is structured around an eerily sophisticated dynamic model of consciousness, that extended to a cosmology that could explain how consciousness integrated with the visible and non-visible worlds around us.

The remarkable schematisation of the mysteries of consciousness, both in their physical, biological component, and in the much more mysterious invisible twin, the mental, phenomenological experience of mind and consciousness that arises from the biological components, but who’s nature seems to be something outside of physical space. And perhaps outside of time.