WOW My Love!
What a journey it has been : ) We have had computers blow up, imposters and frauds,  and now cancer to contend with...but finally..... the end is in sight. I cannot tell you how happy I am personally to be writing this as I assure you it has been harder on me than it has on you : ) That being said I am amazed daily by the generosity, kindness, patients and love you have shown Chance and I through all of this...I truly feel blessed by you ! 

So we have  - I hope - seen the "Door Inside your Head" trailer : ) Well to get there, we have to start see this is quite a BIG story we are going to tell you, and it even demands a shift in your consciousness, or a change in your operating system if you will... to get there....and so please allow us to start at the ground floor, because I promise you the elevator will get very high, very fast, very soon : )

You see, just as engineers "unpacked the pyramids" to find all kinds of astounding miracles...our "arty" boys..and in particular Chance, Gary Osborn, Brad Klauson, William John Meegan, Richard Cassaro and Robert Lawlor have "unpacked" the art, and in so doing have found astonishing much so we have had to bring in occultists, alchemists, and scientists just to make sure we weren't crazy! 

And so without further ado I want to share with you the trailer to Episode One of the new series...

I hope you enjoy it : )

Much Love