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A little treat for you : )

Well Chance being an artist at heart, and having an important aspect of the show be about both Art and the Artist mindset Chance could not pass up the chance to do a little of what he does best!

Visual Story Telling

But it is not just art for art sake! Through this series of animations he is trying to make a point.

Beyond the rational mind: breaking the barrier

In our day to day lives at this point in the Kali Yuga, we usually do ONLY that which is purposeful, rational, profitable, useful or necessary. You see, Everything You See, You See Through the Rational mind. 

It is our contention however, that it was not always that way. The more we look back into our history, the more we see evidence of different way of thinking…a different operation system if you will…one that goes beyond the rational. 

The rational mind is like a railroad track that is fixed in grooves. 

A plane has no tracks. It can fly anywhere. A balloon can float anywhere.

When we step out of the rational mind life becomes lighter and more inspired! Intuition, discoveries, new knowledge all come from going beyond the rational mind. Truth is beyond the rational mind: ).

But it can be uncomfortable to be confronted by things that go beyond the rational, because they do not make sense, they do not have a reason that is immediately identifiable...

So, in creating these animations Chance is inviting you to just step out of the rational mind.

Spend time away from the rational mind and you may just find an unfathomable depth. 

Until you transcend the rational mind you will not get access to limitless creativity and the infinite.

And more pertinent to our upcoming show, you will have a harder time making the shift in consciousness that will allow you to unlock for yourself the knowledge that has been hidden in plain sight...
Hidden in the art : )

And in this light I share with you Animation #1 - The Taboo of Modern Occultism
Your video will be live at: https://youtu.be/QqB_I1dZtXg
Here Chance explains why it took him 15 years to do Magical Egypt 2 : )
Enjoy : )

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