OK so lets start with the not so good news........

Hello My Love,

Well not the happiest update. Our beloved JAW has been diagnosed with a nasty case of the "C" word. Fourth Stage Cancer to be exact.

The Better news is that he has been accepted by the famous Dr Burzynski who has been fighting with the FDA and recently won a huge battle against them in order to be able to treat patients with his amazing cures!

John leaves Monday to visit Dr B and I am calling for your help.
There has been a fund raiser set up to help support John pay for these treatments...and yu can find the link below.

Please help in any way you can, even if it is just sharing this message.

OK the GOOD News...I have seen it...it is AMAZING, and it is coming soon...a few last tweaks but this is the first time I can see he is close...so despite imposters and boot leggers that I told you about last time we should be pretty close to our date now....

If you missed that update check out the blog at magicalegypt.com

Much Love






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