Hello My Loves,


Hello my loves....as you know we were scheduled to release the new series for Christmas, and as you know, we have not. Many people have been wondering why.

Since both Robert Bauval and David Wilcock have come forward it is time to share that we too have been damaged by the same imposter.

Our shows are currently being run on the imposters YouTube channel under the name of Robert Bauval TV. We have been able to shut down the fake Twitter account under the name Magical Egypt 2 but we are having NO SUCCESS with Youtube. Youtube requires that we file a suit to stop him but the name is wrong and the address is a moving target...a Hotel in Iceland, and cafe in Monaco.....

With the light of research being shone on the matter however, we hope that very soon we will be able to draw this nastiness to a conclusion and be free to release the new series stress free : ) We give great thanks to Robert Bauval in this regard as he has been our Sherlock Holmes. David Wilcock is the only person who has had success with Youtube so we commend his efforts as well!

Our new target date is January 31

I hope you can all understand and hesitation and forgive us what we hope is our final delay.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us - we need it : )

Much Love