Hello My Loves,

I just wanted to update you again. As I said in my last email to you we are sooo close now. We had one last hurdle to overcome which created this final little delay, but we have finally succumbed to the reality that we simply have too much to say and figured out a solution that I think you are going to be very happy with!

This is very good news!

One thing that people love about Magical Egypt is we go deep into subjects. It is not just a sound bite here and there from guests. The problem was that the ideas we are covering this time go very deep and they require a lot of preamble for you to understand exactly what we are trying to say. This left us with a predicament....2 hour episodes!  And every minute necessary...there was nothing we could loose if we wanted to penetrate these subjects.

Beyond that, to go that deep, we would have to have made a complete departure from a format that resembled the pacing of TV and we wanted to ensure the show be entertaining as well as informative, and so we made an executive decision!

The Solution

The solution was to divide each episode up into 2 films!  Each Episode now will have a companion where we stop fighting the need to expedite the story line which allows us to provide you with the background, the research and the depth of expression each of out note worthy contributors deserves! It will be the most in depth look at these subjects that Magical Egypt has ever provided!

Thank you

We are really happy about this as well because it is a way for us to say THANK YOU for supporting us with your presales! Without you we could not have climbed this mountain, and so we are providing these 6 extra disks to you FREE! After release of the show people will have to buy them separately.

The Bad News...

The problem is you will need twice as much popcorn to get through them now! So we ask that you watch your waistlines : )
Final Touches

So Chance is now putting the final touches on the first TWO, and they should be out soon, with Episodes 2, & 3 and their companions right behind them!. So again THANK YOU and we are so happy we can do something tangible to show you how much we appreciate your support!

Much Love