Hello My Loves!


I am so sorry for this very late update on the show. It has been quite an adventure getting here and it has kept me very distracted! 


As some of you may know I have just returned from the USA where I was able to grab some final interviews, but that is not why we are so late.


I will do my best to describe to you what is going on and why there have been such delays, now that we have finally overcome our biggest hurdle.




Chance through this time has talked about the new series as being operative.


As the benchmark for Magical Egypt for dummies it took a really long time for me to understand what he actually meant by this, and in not understanding that, I was unable to see his struggles in constructing the story for you, but now I have seen the show draft, I finally get it! 


I think the most frustrating thing to all of us obsessed with Egypt, is that the traditional mode of inquiry seems unable to supply us with the information that we are most interested in, and even worse Egyptologists seem obsessed with chronology more than anything. All the juicy information seems to have remained locked in the past.


"for those that have eyes to see"


We have all heard that the secrets of Ancient Egypt are hidden "for those that have eyes to see" , but I really did not understand that until I was given the eyes. You see to unlock the most interesting secrets of Ancient Egypt you have to change your eyes : ) You have to change your perception, or as R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz calls it adopt a Pharaonic Mindset.


The show goes into depth about this, but let me tell you that in today's modern age, it is impossible to really even understand what that this is, little own how to do it or adopt one so that Ancient Egypt's Mysteries lay bare, but I am excited to say that during this period  I think Chance has done just that!  


A Different lens...


Through the use of an entirely different lens, one that is just as rigorous as any scientific mode, Chance was able to unlock a hidden language, and reveal some of the most exciting revelations about Ancient Egypt, and even perhaps more exciting, is that in this series we will show you how to shift your perception so you can see it for yourself! 


We truly thought we were finished. We thought we were days away from launching, but after a small focus group including myself, the truth is, he was just not clearly communicating this actual Paradigm Shift in a way that could be clearly understood and more importantly adopted,  and so we had to go back to the drawing board.


That is all done now, and we are close, so close I can touch it, but we are still at the mercy of our first smaller hurdle. At the end of the day this is one guy, locked in a dark office, working 24/7 to get this done so please bear with us....once again.


We appreciate so much your support, patience, your enthusiasm, and your love for Magical Egypt. This would not be possible without you! Knowing where we are I feel very confident you will be delighted very soon! 


Sorry for taking so long!


Much Love