Hello my loves!

Well there are 5 planets in retrograde, and I am sure feeling it! In the last 2 days! First my internet went down, and I had several commercial jobs to complete and let me tell you, that was beyond annoying..and then my water pump blew up! So I will be arriving quite smelly and exhausted to the first location of my trip.... LA!

That might not be the worst thing that ever happened as it might keep the gunmen at bay! Last time I was LA I was enjoying a meal at the W Hollywood when 2 gunmen wrecked the join by smashing glasses and bottles, and knocking over tables and chairs before firing bullets!!!!


It should be a wonderful trip and I will keep you posted of all of my goings on here as they happen. I will even try to post some videos of the amazing people I will be interviewing for you!

So far I have an additional 580 miles added to my trip due to the incredible generous donations of my angels, and that will get me back from Minneapolis to LA, so I will not be stcuk in the USA with amazing footage and nothing to do with it : )

Well packing up clothes and cameras now! So more later.  Sign up here if you want them so I do not spam everyone!


Love to you all!