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Hello my loves

With all that is going on in the world right now I thought it might be nice to have some good news…

We are closer than you can possibly imagine!

We just have a few little pieces to pick up and the very first episode of the New Magical Egypt will be released with the rest soon to follow….

In fact one interview was just shot yesterday by a volunteer film maker in Seattle. Leo Phillips who is now my hero went and shot a very important segment with Braud Klausen for which we will be permanently indebted, so a huge shout out and much gratitude to Leo.

Now all we need is John, Laird in Upstate New York, and Lon in CA so if anyone would like to pitch in as either a camera man or a segment producer please let me know! Imagine getting to hang with these guys for the day and getting a sneak peak!

I am also exploring every possible avenue and even resorting to Magick to get the money to do it! You can read all about my exploits here if you are so inclined. There is however every indication that I should in fact get paid out before the end of the year and if that is the case then I would like to invite you all to a very special occurrence on my road trip to see them.


 A TRIP TO EGYPT with Gardner and Lawlor

One last bit of news…Robert Lawlor has asked Chance if he would be Interested in co-hosting a trip to Egypt with him. If anyone would be interested in tagging along on that please email and let me know as well. Email


Ok well keep your fingers crossed for me.
Love to you all and be safe wherever you may be!