Black - The Negative Cofession - FREE SHIPPING!


Black - The Negative Cofession - FREE SHIPPING!


Limited Edition Magical Egypt Swag

Afterlife Essentials by Magical Egypt! Don't be caught dead without one.

These limited edition, singed and numbered collectible designers T-Shirts feature the "Negative Confession, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead: the "How To" book for navigating the afterlife.

Isn't it better to know and not need it than need it and not know it?

Soft, Cool, & Comfortable!

This immaculate T-Shirts is made the finest quality organic cotton, and comes in both Slim and Regular Fit.

  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton - Fair Trade
  • Printed on front and back
  • Comes in slim fit and regular
  • 0nly 1000 of this design will be made

NOTE: T Shirts are made to order so please allow 14 Days for Delivery



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